Why Millennials Make Great Employees

Posted by Madison Perrin on Feb 23, 2017 11:30:43 AM

We’ve heard it all before: “millennials are entitled,” “millennials are lazy,” “millennials want to mooch off their parents.” Whether these statements were ever true or not, they sure aren’t now. Instead of seeing a generation of those who wait for opportunity to knock on their doors, we are now seeing a generation of go getters. A generation willing to work hard, every single day.

These millennials, with their newly found drive, are working harder than ever to earn their keep, and they’re enjoying themselves along the way. The days of dreading the thought of hiring a millennial are over. Present are the days when hiring a millennial means hiring someone who will start at a modest position and work hard to earn their spot higher up on the food chain.

Here are 3 reasons why millennials are great workers:

-Millennials want their work to matter

As evidenced by what we see on the news, online, and in our everyday lives, millennials are some of the most inspired and fired-up young people this world has ever seen. Now more than ever, we have a generation informing themselves about the world they live in and trying to apply that knowledge to their everyday lives; trying to take what they see on the news every day and use it to inspire themselves to do better and to be more successful. No longer does the millennial generation just want to “get by.” Instead of hoping for something to fall into their laps, millennials are out seeking meaningful work and applying themselves with more gusto than ever before.

Essentially, millennials are a jackpot to their employers. They represent a group of people willing to start from the bottom and work their way up, putting in strong effort along the way. They represent a group of people who want their work to not just be great, but to also be meaningful. When was the last time you thought to yourself, “boy, I wish that new guy Todd didn’t care about his work so much!”? See where we’re going with this? You should love an employee who seeks to do meaningful work, like a millennial does.

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- Millennials are eager to advance in their positions

 Quite often millennials are seen as too eager, which is understandable… Young people of all ages, not just millennials, enter the workforce with the goal of advancing themselves to higher up positions. Yes, there is sometimes a miscalculation along the way and they think they are entitled to a higher position early on, not understanding that it takes time to earn the advancement. But, the work ethic is there and the eagerness can be used to your advantage.

Instead of looking at this as a negative thing, applaud them for their desire to work harder and take on more responsibilities. Offer them goals to reach that will earn them the advancement they are seeking. This will work to your advantage in that your employee will work hard, effectively, and with the well-being of your brand in mind. If you have someone who wants to lead, show them how.

- Millennials are open minded and accepting

Let’s be honest, millennials think differently than any generation before them, and it’s great. They are the most open minded and accepting generation we have ever seen. Now, this isn’t because they were just born to be better people than those before them, it’s due to the fact that minority groups are growing and becoming the norm, and millennials have seen this growth their whole lives. In fact, minority groups are growing at a rate that could make them the majority by 2042, according to Millennials don’t just embrace diversity, they expect and desire diversity.

Whether it’s race, religion, or sexuality, millennials are accepting of all groups and know how to communicate with them. This can be a huge advantage for employers. Who doesn’t want an employee whose communication skills translate across the board? We do!

Millennials have overcome their past labels of “entitled,” “lazy,” “mooches,” and have become a generation of young people who work hard, have high expectations, and who communicate without discrimination. Not to mention they’re advanced in technology use, educated, and creative. Instead of looking at a millennial as a nightmare employee, give them a shot and see what they have to offer your company. You won’t regret it! 

P.S. This was written by a millennial.


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